Privacy Policy

The security of gathered personal data is important to us. The purpose of the Data Protection Declaration is for customers to be made aware of uses for information gathered from customers using our services online. Data protection policy may change from time to time to assure up to date security of personal data, we suggest regularly checking back for any changes that may have taken place on the Data Protection Declaration site.

Persona data are considered to be data used to determine a person's identification; among these are surname, given name, birthdate, credit card information, home address, and telephone number. Personal information may be requested by us while using our website, our services or when registering. Information we ask for may include the following: telephone number, address, payment information, and transaction history. We may also ask you to take part in a survey rating the quality of our services. Gathered data is stored on our main server in Hungary. The main server also keeps an active diary of administrative and other circulation data such as IP address, date and time of use, visited sites, chosen language, software crash, and chosen search engine. This information gathered is needed to assure our services' security, and to guaranty their quality. Information will not be gathered without a customer's permission.

As stated above, certain data will be gathered automatically, and additionally we will have access to personal data, if such information was given while using our services, or while having any other form of communication with us. Further, we receive user lists from online merchants, as well as lawfully obtained lists from third party merchants. We may use technical, and or third party merchant assistance in order to facilitate an online transaction or online invoice. Thus, any personal information given to e-mail merchants, and or third party merchants are accessible to us. The uses of personal data garnered through any external means are used pursuant to the Data Protection Declaration. Throughout any procuration from third party merchants or e-merchants, the safety of personal information remains our priority.

Gathered personal data assists our services; enables us to carry out needed security checks for online transactions, process business transactions requirements, and also facilitates the function of services offered. We may from time to time request data to use in surveys or contests. Participation in these surveys and contests are voluntary, one may decide whether or not to give any information. In accepting any prizes or rewards, one yields consent that we use your name, and picture for marketing and promotional purposes without compensation for these, excluding where the law prohibits this.

We may make public a users personal information if required to do so by law, or if in a given circumstance deem in necessary: (1) any legal proceedings against our websites or services, and also those circumstances where legal proceedings require us to do so (2) for the protection of our rights and property, physical or intellectual, also (3) to assure the public's or services user's personal security. If we are confident in the fact that fraud is an issue, or we have been wrongfully damaged, or payment was made with the intention of deceit ( for example payment made with a stolen credit card, or by other unlawful means such as money laundering) then we retain the right to share personal information with banks, credit card companies, and other appropriate agencies.

Promotional messages may be declined by choosing the proper option on our website, we also may be contacted by e-mail, and by postal mail: 1053 Budapest, Királyi Pál utca 10. félemelet 2. Hungary Postal contact may also be used for the following: 1.) confirming personal information 2.) updating existing personal information, and or 3.) complaints regarding use of personal information upon request a.) we will update personal information with warranted need if requested, or b.) may disable use of some personal data from further business promotions. If we are by law required to store personal information, even if this is against claims made in the Data Protection Declaration, we will notify the customer.